it's all just a facade, people
  1. "what should i have for lunch?"
    when my boss walks by my desk at 10am and i have my head cradled in my hand, staring at my computer screen
  2. "oh, man, i would love me some fried chicken."
    when my coworkers decide to eat at a vegetarian stall and all they have is phony meat - starch pretending to be actual food - and i was too stupid to refuse the idea so i sit there forcing a phony prawn into my mouth, while crying inside
  3. "chicken. stuffed. with. spinach. wrapped. in. bacon."
    this is the bomb, guys. my sis made me this once and I couldn't stop thinking about it. she cooked it for me on my birthday and it's just heavenly. i think about this a lot. too much actually.
  4. milk tea
    when i try to be healthy so I don't drink it but all i do is wish i was drinking milk tea
  5. idk basic life problems?
  6. my future?
    but like, it lasts all of 10secs and im back to
  8. who needs men?
    it's raining fried chicken!!!!
  9. Giphy
  10. i am so hungry right now.