because i am blind as heck without my glasses and all i can do is stare at my blurry reflection and think
  1. yes, time to get settled into this chair as comfortable as possible
  2. "ma'am i would like my hair to be cut just at my shoulder. a little of layer, thanks"
  3. let the cutting begin!
  4. snip snip snip. never realised how much i like that sound
  5. hmm, she seems to be cutting a little shorter than i wanted
  6. maybe i should stop her
  7. but she's already gone quite far... half my head is short
  8. ok, let's roll with this
    because im all with the rolling, ya know?
  9. it still doesn't look too bad to me
  10. she's being very meticulous, it should be fine
  11. she's done, time to get my sight back and see the masterpi-
  12. what the
  13. this is...
  14. TOO
  15. SHORT
  16. she layered too much omg
  17. play it cool, girl, play it cool
    my sister and her shocked expression ain't helping
  18. goddamnit
  19. ok, if i ruffle it a little it looks fine
  20. this is what i have to live with for at least a month while my hair grows out
  21. it's like i brought the 90's back
    this is it
  22. Giphy
  24. it's short with layers and it is so not 2016?
    will i start a trend
  25. nah, not cool enough