inspired by @aubreywhy
  1. watching for the first time:
  2. mom
    the darker themes are well balanced with humour from allison janey and anna faris
  3. brooklyn nine nine
    started, hooked and can't stop
  4. modern family
  5. grey's anatomy
    im still only at season 3 so i try my very very very best to stay away from spoilers (it is super hard)
  6. rewatching:
  7. parks and recreation
    rewatching for the second time
  8. friends
    don't even know how many times i've rewatched it - it's just the one i go to when i'm feeling down and i mostly have it on in the background when i'm doing things that are not on the computer
  9. gilmore girls
    rewatching again in anticipation for the revival in november!!! (love this photo)