1. I woke up sick, didn't go to my classes, and made a doctors appointment with the on campus Doctor
  2. They couldn't get me in until 6 so I just sat in bed sleeping/crying/feeling all around gross until then
  3. Got to the doctors and they weighed me, turns out I've lost lost ten pounds
    Ever heard of stress diarrhea anyone
  4. The doctor said "looks like the flu, but we don't do flu tests here"
    That's right, our on campus doctors office does not offer the flu test
  5. So she tested me for strep throat
    Did not go over well. I kept gagging and so they had to keep swabbing.
  6. Strep test came back negative
  7. Despite the negative strep test she still prescribed me the strep throat antibiotics
  8. She proceeded to tell me I have a lot of flu like symptoms but not to worry about it
  9. Also, my body won't stop sweating
    I look like someone on crack
  10. But long story short, I think I have the flu
  11. Follow up: I just received an email from the school letting us know that flu is going around the dorms:)