The basement of my apartment building is something out of American Horror Story
  1. You have to walk outside and then below ground to get there
    And sitting outside the door is an old rocking chair covered in dirt
  2. There is a dirty mirror hanging above our washer and dryer
    Very horror movie-esque: we are peacefully doing laundry and then look up at the mirror and see someone standing behind us
  3. There is a door that is sometimes opened and sometimes closed
  4. Behind this door is a room filled with broken glass
    Our neighbor confirmed that it is not glass from bottles, but probably windshields
  5. There are HIDDEN KNIVES in the glass room
    We were exploring and found two knives hidden (one in a wall hole and one way above our heads) with rust stains on them
  6. There is an entire room filled with old Soviet books
  7. Basically, I am making this list in case I die or go missing
    Please point the police to my basement