At week one and a half I put in my two weeks notice
  1. I got a better job offer
  2. But I also likely quit because...
  3. Everyone I worked with was old and married
    And I was tired of being asked if I was married
  4. My feet hurt
    The floor was hard, I stood all day, and was required to wear shoes that hurt my feet
  5. My coworkers were these beautiful Eloise at the Plaza type characters and I looked like little orphan Annie in comparison
    But also just in general that's how I look
  6. Overwhelmed
    Cried on the phone to my mom because I was scheduled thirty hours (just ten hours short of full time) during midterms
  7. Missed numerous apartment tours because I was always at work
    I trust my friends to pick the right one but I'm also a control freak and so maybe I don't trust them???
  8. I really wanted Saturday off to go to the Chicago Botanical Gardens with my friend
    Arguably the most important reason