Before seeing it: didn't see the appeal After seeing it: still don't see the appeal
  1. Not a huge Leo DiCaprio fan
  2. I genuinely think he's a psycho
    Everyone praised him for cutting his hand while filming "Django" and staying in character, but I think this is a sign of a psychotic person. Also not into his weird method acting
  3. Didn't see the appeal of this movie
    They made a bunch of hot dudes ugly (I want their beards checked for feces and other bacteria)
  4. Too gruesome for me, thank you
    It was cool when Khaleesi ate a heart on GOT, not as cool when Leo's character ate one (and then immediately vomited it back up)
  5. At one point I fell asleep
    *spoiler alert They kill his son, I fell asleep during this and woke up to find him holding his son's dead body very confused
  6. He hollows out a horse
    And sleeps in it!!!! Whole face covered during this scene
  7. Fell asleep again
    Missed the part where girl is raped, leo saves her, she cuts of rapist dick (friends were talking about this scene after and I couldn't remember it, so I'm assuming I was asleep)
  8. Bathroom break
    Kind of had to pee, mostly was tired of watching the movie (also contemplated buying nachos while I was out there, decided against it)
    I HATE LOUD MOUTH BREATHING AND THAT WAS THE ENTIRE MOVIE (and as the credit's rolled they continued to play Leo's mouth breathing!!!)
  10. Very long
    This movie was 2 hours and 45 minutes. That's insane.
  11. Leo's character was too resilient
  12. Rooted for both the bear and evil Tom Hardy's character
    Tired of hearing Leo's mouth breathing
  13. Only emotionally invested in the kid from "We are the Millers"
  14. Overall not a fan
    But my friends seemed to love it so who knows (actually I do, the movie stunk)