A look into my very exciting Saturday nights
  1. Took an uber to get Chinese food
    We accidentally gave her the wrong address and she wasn't exactly happy about it
  2. Eavesdropped hard on a group of high schoolers' conversation at the restaurant
    They were going to a party and had already gotten high and I wanted to know more
  3. Downloaded Deadpool
    Bad quality, but didn't care
  4. Fell asleep ten minutes into Deadpool
    People were over, no one was quiet, but I fell asleep and I fell asleep hard
  5. Continued to sleep through everyone leaving and my roommate moving things away from my face
    I have a bad habit of falling asleep with my glasses next to my face and also miscellaneous arts and crafts supplies (thread, pencils, scissors, etc.)
  6. Slept until 9:30 this morning
    I managed to sleep through the night without my blanket, curled into a ball on the wrong side of my bed, with no real pillow