scrutinizing myself
  1. Parking
    Always crooked, rarely in the lines
  2. Snapchat
    Still not sure that I "get it" but I do like it
  3. Staying up late
    Midnight movies✖️ late nights✖️
  4. Game of thrones
    Kind of just in general. I'm not caught up and a read spoilers and also I am four seasons in and still having a hard time getting into it
  5. Saving money
    I have less than a month until rent is due but yesterday I bought an insane amount of art supplies for no reason
  6. Buying clothes that fit
    Tops/skirts/dresses always too big, shoes always too small
  7. Being sociable with people I don't like
    I'm not rude but I'm not overly talkative because what's the point, I don't like them
  8. Drinking water
    Too much or too little, never an in between