1. Ballerina
  2. Doctor
  3. Ballerina doctor
    We had to draw a picture of what we wanted to be in Kindergarten and my picture was of a woman wearing both a tutu and stethoscope
  4. Actress
    I won one ribbon at a speech tournament and determined I was destined for stardom
  5. Flight attendant
    I rode on an airplane for the first time the summer before seventh grade and decided that that was the life for me. My mom suggested I be a pilot, but that seemed like too much responsibility, so I settled for flight attendant.
  6. Ghost hunter
    Eighth grade me (and current me) was obsessed with the show Ghost Hunters and was determined to be one. There was one season where people were given the opportunity to showcase their supernatural communication skills and the winner landed a spot on the team; this was my dream.
  7. Book editor
    I wanted to major in English and my mom told me they make bank
  8. Screen writer
    After reading Mindy Kaling's book I was like "I could do that"
  9. Broadcast journalist
  10. Business consultant
    This lasted for the short period of time in which I binge watched House of Lies
  11. Journalist