Inspired by a lot of ppl but I think originally came from @dad3 who is not showing up now and since I wasn't on for a few days I am not sure what happened but I am going to answer anyway...
  1. First Concert: KISS. Animalize Tour, at the Meadowlands Arena in NJ, which according to trusty Google, was in 1985, so I was 14.
  2. Stripes or solids : well usually solids unless it is socks and then stripes.
  3. Who would star in a movie about me: um, is there an actress who is shy and quiet and falls down a lot? If so, then her.
  4. Fast Food: 5Guys. I love their fries. I should have answered with this to the addiction question on the other list. In-n-out is across the street from 5Guys and the only appeal it has is the drive thru. If fries didn't turn me into a beach ball, I could eat 5Guys fries every day.
  5. Favorite Chip: Butterscotch, preferably in an oatmeal cookie
  6. What animal defines me: a raven or crow. They are smart & clever, don't mind loudly voicing their disapproval of situations, and they like to collect shiny things.
  7. DQ order: if I could still eat it, it was always a chocolate chip and oreo cookie blizzard. The chocolate chip part was really just their magic shell dipping stuff. And I love the grainy feel of the cookies.
  8. Worst injury: ummmm....well I dropped a board on my toe in September 2 years ago and broke the toe (we didn't know) and now it keeps causin the nail to grow in wrong and I might need to get it removed and it hurts so I haven't really been able to wear boots in the month of winter and I have to be honest I am not thrilled at the idea of no toenail
    Especially in a place where I am in sandals for most of the year. I will paint my skin if need be but still...I've had other things worse, like the whole Trigeminal Neuralgia and I've had a DVT but I don't know if that counts cuz I wasn't the cause....?
  9. Favorite passtime: Reading.
  10. If I was a color what would it be: silvery grey, like a cloudy day, that could either clear up and be sunny, or turn into a full blown Thunderstorm...but even then you might see a rainbow
  11. Apple or other: both! My computer & ipod are apple, my phone is android.
  12. Morning or Night: Night, without question.
  13. My go-to song: I don't have one. It changes. Currently it is Ho Hey.
  14. Most recent book read: currently reading "Slasher Girls & Monster Boys" and "My Kind Of Crazy". Just finished "This Is Where It Ends." I am not always the best book recommender as I will worry the whole time that the person took my suggestion and then is thinking, "oh my god, this is awful! She likes this tripe?" >.<
  15. Favorite Flavor: watermelon
  16. TP-ing expeditions: None. Srsly. Never did it, never had it done to me.
  17. If you could have one thing you don't have today: if it can't be money...and things like 'no more chronic pain' doesn't count....oh! I know. The ability to play an instrument (and if i could have a decent singing voice that would be great too) preferably guitar. As it is, I am about as tone deaf and un-musically inclined as they come.
  18. Gotta get away -where to go?: If I have money, DisneyWorld. If I don't, the beach/ocean.
  19. Mental health change: NO MORE AGORAPHOBIA!!!!
  20. Something I haven't shared yet: um, I don't know. I'm new, but I babble, so that's hard.
    Hmmmmm. Well, I had my first child (and what I thought would be my only child) when I was just 18. She's my best friend now (really. We probably (definitely) overshare, lol.) She joined but hasn't posted yet.