5:44 AM

  1. I know for a lot of people this is a normal wake up time.
  2. Not in my house.
  3. But I woke up yesterdsy with a raging headache...
  4. And I was trying to avoid going full migraine
    Because then I feel like this
  5. So I told my teens that even tho I WAS NOT SLEEPY, I was going to lay down for a little while
  6. Which turned into a 4 hour nap which is actually more like a second sleep than a nap
  7. So now, I am awake....
  8. So why not write a list???
  9. Not that I have anything to write about exactly....
  10. So, now that I have composed the most inane list ever, I guess I should try to go back to sleep....?
  11. 🙃 this is a great example of why drafts are necessary, there was no reason to subject you all to my insomniac ramblings!
  12. Sorry 😳