My observations a month after stumbling upon The List App
  1. I joined li.st completely by accident a month ago
    Found it on the Google playstore. I have an ipod touch & mac book, & it definitely works better on the ipod, so i have no idea how i missed it for so long
  2. In that time I have learned some things
    Never stop learning!
  3. That there *are* other nice people online
  4. That I wish I had found li.st sooner
    How had I missed it???
  5. That there *are* some people who can disagree on the internet and still be civil
    Who knew?
  6. That I wish I knew how the JoAnns / Michaels thing started
  7. That I hadn't understood some issues as much as I thought I did
    And thank you to those out there willing to talk so I also can better educate my kids
  8. That I don't watch nearly enough television
    I miss so many references. So, so many.
  9. That that big "return" arrow on my profile is a List Request Button
    I just learned that today. Derp.
  10. That I like it here.