probably stupid questions, i blame being sick
  1. I happen to love the format of
  2. I still have draft capability (i think) but if that goes I'm doomed
  3. Everyday I am seeing goodbye lists and that makes me so sad.
  4. I feel like Daffy Duck in that episode where he won't let the credits roll
  5. Giphy
  6. I have followed everybody I could find on Twitter
    Well doesnt that sound creepy
  7. Trying to find everyone on Insta
    Stalker Creepy x 1000 😨
  8. But 140 characters does not a list make....
  9. And Insta is for showcasing my horrific photography skills mostly.
    Sorry about that
  10. And I like them.
  11. But they arent here.
  12. Is there a Reddit List group?
    Please don't "no, but there is a Facebook Group" 🙃
  13. And I know some ppl have just outgrown List or moved on
  14. But I haven't yet.
    Having an intelligent, thoughtful, nice, silly, serious, fun group of friends who are strangers but also not on the internet has been a rare experience for me.
  15. And I am not ready for it to end yet.
  16. Just saying.
  17. 💖