1. Once Upon A Time...
  2. There was a girl and her mother
  3. And when this girl was very little
  4. Her mother had a special necklace
  5. It didn't look like much
  6. Just a plain silver ball on a black cord
  7. But when you shook it
  8. It had jingles and chimes inside
  9. There was nothing else the girl ever encounted that sounded quite like this
  10. The little girl loved this necklace very much
  11. And one day she asked her mother
  12. "What is making those pretty sounds?"
  13. And the mother said:
  14. "When you were born, I caught a rainbow, and put it inside to keep it safe, so you would always have beautiful sounds to hear. So, that is the sound a rainbow makes."
  15. And even when the little girl got bigger
  16. And put away her belief in things like The Easter Bunny and The Tooth Fairy
  17. A little tiny part of her still believed
  18. And when she grew up and went to college and fell in love and got married...
  19. She knew, of course, that there wasn't a rainbow inside
  20. Of course not!
  21. But maybe...
  22. Maybe...
  23. There was.
  24. And the mother keeps that necklace
  25. Which may be a little tarnished now, or a little bit scratched
  26. But still she keeps it safe
  27. Because she knows that someday
  28. The little girl who isn't so very little anymore, wants to have that Rainbow-That-Isn't-But-Maybe-Could-Be
  29. So she can teach her own child
  30. What Rainbows sound like