1. So I was gone
    But not gone like I deleted the app gone, just gone in like not on any almost social media gone.
  2. I deleted FB
    That was wonderfully refreshing
  3. I deleted my 3k+ followers Twitter
    Not a lot of followers, but not nothing either.
  4. I then signed up again bc while I rarely go there now....idk...it's Twitter.
    And I found some Listers and followed them but now feel stalkerish. Sorry.
  5. I deleted all my other social media (a lot of chat apps, but I am too awkward to actually contribute so what was the point?)
  6. But not this
    Because I hoped when I got out of my slump I'd be able to come back here. Of course, coming back here sooner may have helped alleviate said slump. But I was not in a mind set to want alleviation. (Pity Party Extraordinaire {thank you spell check})
  7. So I popped on today.
  8. Live Listing???
    This sounds stressful. Also, I still haven't updated so I can stilll relist. Or is that back now? /Out Of The Loop
  9. So anyway I actually didn't have a dang thing to really say of any importance but I knew the first list back would be the hardest so here I am attempting to get this over with >.<
  10. Hi. 💖