I've been seeing some hating on Las Vegas recently. I live in Vegas, and I don't hate it.
  1. Static
  2. It really isn't the cesspool that some people claim
    Well okay, yeah, parts are. Sure. But you will find icky places in every city. Just not maybe as much neon...
  3. People Watching!
    This is highly relevent being ELECTRIC DAISY CARNIVAL this weekend, but watching inebriated people navigate high heels that I am not sure if they have ever worn previously is amusing any time
  4. Staycations made easy!
    Amusment park? Water parks? Arcades? Shopping? Botanical Gardens at a Chocolate Factory? Yep!
  5. Our gas stations, grocery stores, and pharmacies have slot machines
    For when you need to try your luck but also need to pick up some doritos or penicillin. (We don't generally gamble, and so seeing slots everywhere cracks me up.)
  6. No Last Call!
  7. In the mood for Japanese-Mexican Fusion Cuisine? We probably have that!
    complete with free ponchos for the blood splatter zone! Just like Sea World, but different!
  9. Zombie Burlesque Show!
    Yes really
  10. But there is true beauty too! There are some just gorgeous places close by
  11. Like Red Rock State Park
  12. And Lake Mead
  13. And Valley Of Fire
  14. Sometimes it even snows!
    Okay so this only happened once, the year we first moved here, but my youngest daughter remains ever hopeful each year.
  15. And you can even get married without the inconvenience of getting out of your car! 😂
    Do you want fries with that?
  16. 😊