1. I'm reading all these lovely posts for Biz
  2. I'm still new here. I didn't really know her well.
  3. And there's that hesitation
  4. Do I say something? Would that be out of place?
  5. Do I just keep hearting and relisting?
  6. But I need you to know...
  7. That I'm sorry...
  8. ...for all the people who are grieving right now
  9. ....that I didn't get a chance to know her better
    Tho all the beautiful lists I am reading make clear what a special part of List she was
  10. ...for the people who are hurting
  11. ...for those people's lives that are forever changed.
  12. And Thank You to everyone
  13. For sharing your lists about her
  14. For allowing these glimpses that are so special and so vulnerable
  15. For making this place unlike any I have ever found online
  16. For restoring some of my faith in humanity
  17. This place, this community, is amazing.
  18. Thank you for allowing me to be a tiny part of it
  19. And wishing love and peace to Biz, and to everyone else here, tonight.
  20. I hope this was okay.