Oh dang, this was hard. But at your request @Dad3 , I'll give it a go. Apologies in advance 😳
  1. I have spent the entire day thinking about movies. Many, many (MANY!) were considered & rejected.
  2. And yet I still couldn't settle on just one.
  3. So here goes
  4. Pride & Prejudice
    Oh how I love the idea of this, and I already even know some of the dances. And the clothes and the chivarly, swoon...but the first time I really needed air conditoning, or say, antibiotics, I'd be transporting back home post-haste
  5. Idiocracy
    Wait, wait, just think about it. No, the actual setting may not be...um...ideal...BUT I would be the smartest person ON THE PLANET. I liked when I was the smartest kid in class! But the WHOLE PLANET?!?
  6. WALL-E
    Outer space is cool. And I fear, sadly, I could easily assimilate into a binge watching, smoothie drinking society. Ew.
  7. Harry Potter
    Yes low hanging fruit but come on. As long as you weren't a muggle, who wouldn't want to live in this setting??? And I would make a wicked awesome Slythe....I mean RAVENCLAW. Of course. Yes. Ravenclaw. Ahem.
  8. ANY Haunted House Movie Universe
    I would totally thrive because it would take all of one ghostly encounter in said house, and I'd be getting the hell out.
  9. Alice In Wonderland (Disney Animated Version)
    I am curious and curiouser, I love all things weird and whimsical, riddle filled and colorful. I'm very easily lost. I've been known to eat and/or drink questionable things. I make it a point to believe in as many impossible things as I can, and I constantly am giving myself good advice that I rarely take. Plus I have an affinity for tea parties, and most every day is my Unbirthday. This may be the winner.
  10. 😊