Well, it's not like this isnt the most terror inducing list request I've ever gotten or anything (and I haven't gotten many!). I mean, sometimes it seems like you can tell a lot about someone based on their music choices. Ack. Don't judge me too harshly....
  1. This is in no particular order
  2. And I've not read anyone else's yet so as for it not to influence my list
  3. Here goes
  4. The Beatles
    Okay, this seems like a cop out answer. But, I mean, I always *liked* the Beatles, as I grew up with my Mom listening to them. But then in college I had to take a Fine Arts class. I ended up taking a class that was just about the Beatles and whoa. So while I always liked them, it wasn't until I was in my 20s that I saw them in such a new way
  5. The Beach Boys
    Let me explain. My older brother had a brain tumor and, as it was in the 60s and technology is not what it is today, removing it left him "profoundly & severely" handicapped. He couldn't communicate much, but when my Parents would put on the Beach Boys, he would get so happy. So they are on this list bc they helped someone trapped in their own body feel a little bit better.
  6. The Eagles, specifically this album
    My first car was an ugly, ugly 1970 green Duster, that was as old as I was. It had no A/C. The radio in it only played 8 Track Tapes. After pilfering thru my parent's collection, this was the one that got played almost continually, driving down the shore, windows open, feeling free. (I played this so much that when I got it later on cassette it sounded weird when the songs that had been split in half, weren't.
  7. The Sex Pistols
    I was born in december of 1970. So I turned 10 in 1980, 20 in 1990. I couldn't be more GenX if I tried. Which means I grew up with "the music of the 80s bubblegum pop" in my oh-so-formative teen years. My whole high school was pretty much split btw bubblegum pop and stoner metal. But there were a (very) few of us who liked other stuff. My extremely talented artist friend painted the back of my jeans jacket with the "Nevermind the bollocks...." album cover. I got suspended. It was worth it.
  8. Bruce Springsteen
    I may live in Vegas now, but I will always be a Jersey Girl at heart.
  9. Bon Jovi
    Again, Jersey Girl. I grew up on the shore. I was at the boardwalk when they shot a music video there.
  10. Gin Blossoms
    I went to ASU for college, back when the Gin Blossoms were a local indie band that would (hopefully) be playing at Long Wongs that weekend. That was back when Mill Ave was unique and perfect in its imperfection, unlike now when it is just one more Starbucks, and Bath & Bodyworks, etc franchise stripmall hell.
  11. Pearl Jam
    Eddie Vedder's voice sends tingles up my spine. I may be ever so slightly in love with him. We deal with a lot of celebrities in our line of work. I don't get celebrity crushes...usually. He would be one of the two. 😳
  12. Bryan Adams
    Oh, well, this one is just embarrassing, but too many of his songs have collided with my life, from my first love to my first dance at my wedding, to not own up and include him.
  13. The Pogues
    My all time favorite band forever and ever. They can rollick. They can rip your heart out. The can make the best Christmas song that you aren't exactly sure if it is a Christmas song ever. I love them. I looooove them.
  14. I think I actually did "bands that had an influence on me" more so than "all time favorite bands."
  15. Well, except for The Pogues.
    I love the Pogues.
  16. They're both.
  17. I am literally cringing as I push publish.
  18. I don't think I can really even look for pics or check for typos cuz I will never post this if I do
  19. 🙃