so it took me a little while to notice I had a list request from @kellyk - I rarely get them so missed it. Sorry about that! So I am a little late to this one.
  1. So I had to go looking for a horoscope
    I figured there was one of two ways to do this
  2. 1. Use the first one I read
  3. 2. Keep looking up horoscopes until I found one I liked.
  4. 2 seemed to be cheating tho. So I decided I needed to go with 1.
    I don't cheat :)
  5. Here is what I got
  6. Static
  7. Which actually is a pretty good horoscope
  8. My daughter and son in law are visiting (they came in late last night) which means all my kidlings are here (14,17, 26 and sil 27) and so the bit about nurturing is actually pretty accurate
  9. I don't usually read my horoscope so it's kinda funny how correct this one is without having to do any major leaps.
  10. 😊