My kids are 26, 17, and 14. 26 is married now and lives a state away but drives up every month, often a few times.
  1. When I was a teen, a common interaction with my parents would go like this (and this is if I was forced to interact at all):
  2. Mom: Where are you going? Me: Out
  3. Mom: Who are you going with? Me: My friends
  4. Mom: When will you be home? Me: By curfew
  5. Mom: What are you guys going to do? Me: I don't know.
  6. That was a pretty standard conversation. Minimal contact was desired on my part, and since I was kinda a bitch, I am sure minimal contact was fine with them too.
  7. Now my kids.
  8. Who are these people?
  9. Was there a hospital mix up?
  10. 14 starts day by crawling into bed next to me. I must not make any indication I am actually awake. As soon as I do, it begins. "Mom? You awake? So guess what?"
  11. Not a whole lot could have happened, as the previous day ended with her curled up next to me recounting every thought and experience she had during the day.
  12. She proceeds to tell me a bunch of stuff I can in no way process as I have not had coffee yet. She doesn't care. She won't mind repeating it.
  13. I stumble to the living room, with quail child still jabbering behind me, and see 17 on the computer, doing his schoolwork.
  14. He sees that I am up, waits for 14 to need to take a breath, and then begins the first of many conversations today that will start with, "Hey Mom, something something Pokemon Zelda Pokemon Xenoblade Pokemon Fire Emblem Pokemon something"
  15. I still need coffee, but that's okay, he won't mind repeating himself either.
  16. About now my WhatsApp starts blinging at me. It is 26. She is either bored at work, or bored at home, or bored at the store, or bored while out with her friends...
  17. She can usually tell if I haven't had coffee at least.
    So she tells me to get coffee and call or text her RIGHT BACK because she *needs* to tell me something. ( = everything)
  18. These people give me constant updates
  19. As I write this the 14yo is curled up on my legs reading. 26 and her husband are driving up to spend a long weekend here.
  20. I am either doing this Mom Thing really right or really wrong.
  21. 💖 i love my people💖
  22. Static
    Halloween 2015.