My life as an archaeologist

This is only my second go at a list, and it was requested by @Veronique 😊 so. here goes. (I have no idea what I am doing.) I was actually in school to be a Lawyer, majoring in Political Science. I took an Anthropology elective and fell in love with it and decided I really wanted to be poor, I mean, an Archaeologist, instead. 😄
  1. It's not like Indiana Jones (but it is fun to say, "yeah, like Indiana Jones.")
    Except for the fact that you don't get to do it full time. You almost always have or need another job -whether working in a museum, a school, as a contractor...
  2. If you are on a dig that is in ANY way related to Native American land, you actually do NOT want to find human remains.
    It shuts down the site immediately. You dig AROUND where you suspect bodies will be.
  3. Trash is the real treasure
    Keeping the general public interested (IOW, to keep the dig funded $$$) means finding the pretty stuff, but to actually learn about the culture, it is the midden, or trash heap, that's the best place to dig. Not as glamorous but so informative. But it can smell wretched. 😨
  4. Bones stick to your tongue, rocks don't
    Certain rocks look a lot like bone. When you're screening through the pails of dirt you just dug out of the hundreds of years old garbage, and picking through tiny pieces, the quickest way to find out if it is a bone fragment (which you keep) or a rock (which you don't) is to stick it on your tongue. Yummy. 😝
  5. I broke my ankle on a dig im the middle of nowhere once but didn't want to leave (as the site was only accessible for a few weeks in the summer) and spent the rest of the dig traversing the site (poorly) on ill fitting crutches. I crawled a lot.
    The things we do for our passion. And stubbornness.
  6. It is a LOT of paperwork.
    Either cataloguing or sketching. A LOT.
  7. It's not about dinosaurs.
    That's Palentology. People and dinosaurs did NOT live at the same time. Except in Jurassic Park. And you know how that turned out.
  8. My husband has a degree in Archaeology too.
    But he also has a degree in Tech Theater, so works for Cirque du Soleil. Gotta pay the bills.
  9. If we find something that no one can figure out what it was used for, the default is "it's a ritual item."
    Unless you are Giorgio Tsoukalos. Then "it's aliens".
  10. My dream vacation is a trip to Machu Picchu.
    But I get altitude sickness going to Denver so that could be an issue.
  11. I haven't been in the field in awhile but once our youngest graduates high school I sure hope to.
    We home school our kids, but our youngest is almost 14, so a little while yet