I didn't know there would be a part two.
  1. So, you know those stories they always have in kid's magazines?
  2. The ones where pictures replace words?
  3. Rebus stories.
  4. Well, my (sweet, wonderful) Mom still doesn't have a clue how to retrieve her voicemail, and manages to make calls correctly about 75% of the time now.
  5. But she has finally pretty much gotten the hang of texting.
  6. And...she has discovered emojis.
  7. Keep in mind, she can't see tiny things well at all.
  8. So now, every day I get messages like this...
  9. And there is no way she'd remember where each one was
  10. Which means she spends a very, very, ***very*** long time composing these messages...
    While the average person uses texts, you know, to save time.... (or okay, to avoid the phone but still...)
  11. Oh! They also come complete with a greeting letting me know it's her...
  12. And she signs them. Every time.
  13. Yup.
  14. That's my Mom.
  15. 😊🙃