🎂🎂🎂🎂 Written two days ago, 10/10, but it is possible someone fell asleep with her phone on her face and forgot to post it.
  1. Today is my son's 18th Birthday!
  2. My son, the middle child without middle child syndrome, is now technically an adult
  3. He has two sisters, an older one who loves him fiercly, and a younger one who idolizes him.
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  7. Younger sister really wanted a pic with Santa, but didn't want to do it by herself. Big brother totally stepped up to make her happy.
  8. Protective older brother felt DJ lyrics were inappropriate LOL
  9. He was a pretty easy baby.
    Oh, those ears. He shares that trait with his older sister. I've apologized.
  10. He has Atypical Autism. Things have not always been easy for him.
  11. He has always been easily overwhelmed be sounds, tastes, and textures. He cried pitifully when we sang Happy Birthday on his first birthday. And ate his little cake with one finger so as not to get messy.
  12. So when we decided to give paper mache balloon eggs a shot one year, I had no expectations of him actually going for it. And just like always - he surprised me and loved it
  13. And now -- He's a Jr in High School, but started college classes this year!
    And between the sweet temperament, amazingly clean room, and the habit of doing all his school work as soon as assigned, I sometimes wonder if there may have been a hospital mix up. But he looks too much like his dad....
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  16. He really likes Zelda, and really hates having his picture taken. (I swear all the green Zelda shirt pics were taken at different times.)
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  18. He's been the easiest teen, possibly in the history of teens, to raise, behavior wise.
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  20. When I first found out I was having a boy, I was terrified! I didn't know how to raise a boy!
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  22. Turns out, having a boy is pretty awesome.
  23. Happiest of Birthdays to you, my wonderful son. You are loved. 💖