Inspired by @lesleyann & @shanaz
  1. Eggplant 🍆
    Doesnt matter if you bread it and hide it under sauce and cheese, doesnt matter if it's the best Baba Ganoush on the planet, just no. Yuck. (My parents grew this in our garden all thru my childhood. I always had to eat a little. I always said I would never make my kids eat it. My mom rolled her eyes. Ha! Showed you Mom! I will never cook this devil fruit.)
  2. Phone calls
    If you have called when you could have texted, I can only assume you must be being kidnapped. Please leave a message and I will have my husband contact the proper authorities
  3. Boring socks
    Life is too short for boring socks!
  4. Wheat
    Stupid Wheat Allergy 😢😢😢😭😭😭😢😢😢
  5. Sad Movies
    Will it make me cry? Don't wanna watch. "But it's so good!" Nope. "But it's just one part!" Nope. "But..." Nope!
  6. Matching decor
    We like what we like. Our house is done in what we call "Dorm Room Chic". Gargoyles, Fairies, Monster High Dolls, Harley Quinn, etc...and no that's not my kid's rooms
  7. Scorpions
    Not the band (well not them either) but I mean the evil little Mutant Venomous Land Lobsters that like to sneak in my house.
  8. Tall Bridges
    My husband learned of my bridge fear while on our honeymoon driving from AZ to FL. The screaming, honking horns, & screeching brakes that woke him up after I had taken over driving, and he'd finally dozed off, when what appeared in my windshield? A bridge going over the freaking Mississippi and I swear you couldn't see the top as it was in the clouds. He kindly took back over while I sat in the footwell screeching helpful instructions like "Drive slower! Not the outside lane!" 😳
  9. Helicopter Parenting
  10. Most Other Homeschool Moms
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