I am so sorry, I completely forget who inspired this.
  1. Port Monmouth, NJ - A shoe box where you carefully stored your dreams as a child
  2. New York City - Bad Boy Nextdoor. We were friends, we fooled around a little, could always count on him for a fun weekend.
  3. Key West, FL - the whirlwind fling that you knew was too good to last so you lived in the present and thoroughly enjoyed every second of it.
  4. La Jolla, CA - the rich friend you  love to hang out with but always feel inadequate with
  5. Tempe, AZ - Your sorta BFF that someone else is always trying to be BFFs with.
  6. Las Vegas, NV - Your for real BFF who lives just down the street. Always too loud, always has too much bling and makeup, a bit obnoxious, and yet you are now inseparable and you love her to bits
  7. Seattle - your secret crush, forever and always.