I'm not bitchy, I'm just exhausted
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    I have Panic Disorder.
    This is like the Supersize version of Anxiety
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    With Agoraphobia
    Which technically means "fear of open spaces" but for me pretty much "being away from home" covers it
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    It's a lot better than it was a few years ago
    There was a time I couldn't make it to the end of the driveway. Or the mailbox.
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    It started when I was about 19
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    Then got better for a long time
    I was able to go to college, go on Archaeological digs in the middle of nowhere, have a job, etc...
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    Then got worse again
    Like can't leave the house kind of worse.
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    It finally got better enough after a lot of meds & exposure therapy that I started being able to go out at least a little bit.
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    I knew I needed to go to the Dentist as I hadn't for awhile
    A fear of dentists is pretty common. I am not actually afraid of dentists or shots or is the idea of being stuck in the chair and unable to leave. :(
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    I needed a couple fillings
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    The teeth didn't hurt.
    But I was trying to be proactive. I think this is almost the worst part.
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    The first ones went okay
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    The next ones did NOT
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    The Dentist damaged the nerves in my face.
    This is a rare thing to happen like this.
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    But it wasn't discovered that that was the issue right away
    Because it's rare. I'm a special snowflake.
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    So a lot more work was done in the area, causing further damage to the nerves (and making the actual problem worse.)
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    It was finally a Neurologist who figured it out.
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    I have Trigeminal Neuralgia. It is also called "The Suicide Disease".
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    The nerves in the left side of my face, from my ear, up to my eye, and down into my mouth/teeth/gums/tongue hurt pretty much all the time.
    Talking, smiling, laughing, chewing, eating...sitting and doing absolutely nothing...🤕...Chronic Pain pretty much sucks
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    I have to take a few different meds now a few times a day.
    Love-Hate Relationship with meds...they are one of my panic triggers
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    Needless to say this has had a bit of a negative effect on the whole Panic Disorder thing...
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    In September it will be a year since this happened.
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    I get scared...
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    ...that it won't get better
    Nerves take a very long time to heal
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    ...of the medicine I have to take
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    ...of being a lousy mom. Because I hurt so I worry I am not always as patient or attentive as I should be
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    I'm lucky though
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    Because I have a supportive and understanding Husband 💖
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    And sweet and understanding Kids💖💖💖
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    Anyway this is sort of a downer list so sorry about that.😳
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    But I did want to tell you all how great finding has been.
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    Distractions help.
    For a long time I couldn't even read.
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    And the people here are generally quite awesome.
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    So, thank you.
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