1. I keep seeing lists with #MakeListWeirdAgain
  2. Do #hashtags work here?
  3. When was Li.st weird before?
  4. It's hard being new.
  5. Everyone here has been so nice.
  6. But I still get that "gee I wish I could hang out at the cool kid's table" feeling sometimes (totally my own insecure issues, not anyone's fault!)
    And there are some wicked cool people here.
  7. I wish I had found the app sooner (heck it is hard to find when I am looking for it to put on a new device.)
  8. I hear about people that others miss and get sad that I never got to know them.
  9. Sometimes I feel like I am intruding.
  10. But if it's okay I think I will still hang around
  11. Even if it is on the edges
  12. Because as much as I've heard that a lot of people are sad that Li.st has changed, even tho I don't know what those changes were exactly, after spending the majority of my social media time on DramaBook, Twitter, and Reddit
  13. I can still say this place is something special
  14. I am honestly sorry for those who are sad though
  15. Don't be sad. 💖🌻💖🌸💖🍟
    I added fries bc fries can make everyone happy!
  16. And if there is any way I can help keep Li.st the way you guys wish it was please tell me so I can
    Unless it's that all the newbies leave. I really don't want to leave. Here's more fries as a bribe 🍟
  17. 💖💖💖😔💖💖💖