I'm new. I'm learning. But I feel dopey and so here goes...
  1. Is it better to use my iPod?
    I found completely accidentally while bopping around the play store on my (android) phone just a couple weeks ago, and have been using it on my galaxy. I just grabbed my ipod, and put on there too...and there are differnces. Is one better?
  2. I didn't follow all the recommended accounts at sign up. Should I?
  3. What's the confetti about? How do you get confetti?!?!
    I generally love confetti. Is confetti very awesome? It sounds very awesome.
  4. Trending? Featured? What? Help!
    Pretty self explanatory, I assume? (I had one list do those, but no confetti. HOW DO I SEE THIS ELUSIVE CONFETTI???
  5. Do you reply to every response to a Is it rude not to? Is it okay not to?
    OMG i hope i haven't been rude!
  6. Dots or numbers?????
  7. What's the huge ➕ ?
  8. Requesting a list?
    Anything to know?
  9. What is the proper etiquette if you read a list you disagree with?
    Just scroll past? Are respectful comments okay? How about creating your own list from another perspective or POV? Or is that like the version of sub-tweeting???
  10. Do you pre-search before creating a list?
    I am the person who never ever wants to accidentally 'copy' a tweet for fear it may look like I stole it, which I wouldn't do! How does it work here?
  11. I don't really watch a lot of TV and I had to google B.J.Novak. I'm sorry. Can I still stay?
  12. I love
    That's not really a question. More just a statement. Which may seem weird coming after a series of neurotic questions. But I jumped into much faster than my usual "lurker mode adjustment period" and so am having some delayed paranoia now that i will screw up.
  13. I'm really not so needy as this list suggests.
    Again, not a question. This one is more like a disclaimer. 😳