I'm new. I'm learning. But I feel dopey and so here goes...
  1. Is it better to use my iPod?
    I found li.st completely accidentally while bopping around the play store on my (android) phone just a couple weeks ago, and have been using it on my galaxy. I just grabbed my ipod, and put li.st on there too...and there are differnces. Is one better?
  2. I didn't follow all the recommended accounts at sign up. Should I?
  3. What's the confetti about? How do you get confetti?!?!
    I generally love confetti. Is li.st confetti very awesome? It sounds very awesome.
  4. Trending? Featured? What? Help!
    Pretty self explanatory, I assume? (I had one list do those, but no confetti. HOW DO I SEE THIS ELUSIVE CONFETTI???
  5. Do you reply to every response to a li.st? Is it rude not to? Is it okay not to?
    OMG i hope i haven't been rude!
  6. Dots or numbers?????
  7. What's the huge ➕ ?
  8. Requesting a list?
    Anything to know?
  9. What is the proper etiquette if you read a list you disagree with?
    Just scroll past? Are respectful comments okay? How about creating your own list from another perspective or POV? Or is that like the Li.st version of sub-tweeting???
  10. Do you pre-search before creating a list?
    I am the person who never ever wants to accidentally 'copy' a tweet for fear it may look like I stole it, which I wouldn't do! How does it work here?
  11. I don't really watch a lot of TV and I had to google B.J.Novak. I'm sorry. Can I still stay?
  12. I love Li.st
    That's not really a question. More just a statement. Which may seem weird coming after a series of neurotic questions. But I jumped into Li.st much faster than my usual "lurker mode adjustment period" and so am having some delayed paranoia now that i will screw up.
  13. I'm really not so needy as this list suggests.
    Again, not a question. This one is more like a disclaimer. 😳