Been gone for a bit, and just got back here, and have been reading all these, so inspired by everybody (and I've missed you guys💖)
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    Because I'm from the Jersey Shore
    The more I make you cry the more it means I love you...
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    Because I went to Catholic School from K-10
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    Because my parents finally relented in 11th grade and let me go to public school but then I hated it but was too prideful to admit it so dropped out the last month of 11th grade by skipping all my classes.
    Honors classes. And, okay, so it was more like being told to leave than actually dropping out, technically, I guess.
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    Because my Dad stood up for me
    Also during the 11th grade debacle. I would go on test days, and pass the test just fine. My dad argued with the vice principal -who was saying I would have to repeat 11th grade- and my father continued to point out that I was getting As on the tests so knew the material, and wasn't that the point?
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    Because my Dad was a cop in a small Township and once we were lighting off firecrackers (ok, m-80s) in a metal garbage can in a secluded park and then a cop car pulled in and the first thing the cop did was look right at me (out of the 15 or so ppl there) and say, "What is your father gonna say?"
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    Because my brother was profoundly and severely handicapped
    This was at a time where ppl felt it was totally okay to point and stare and not-whisper things like "why did they bring him out?" My brother was not obnoxious or loud- he couldn't even talk or walk. Just his very existence made people uncomfortable. I loved him fiercely.
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    Because I was completely oblivious to how much medical costs actually were so when we would need to have a night where we had to eat canned foods that my Dad had gotten at a discount because they had no label, they made it seem like a fun surpise food night.
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    Because my Mom was secretly Wonder Woman
    I honestly don't know how she did it. She must not have slept, like, ever. She made all meals, would then blend up my brother's to spoon feed him, at that time disposable diapers didnt come in adult sizes, so she was on diaper duty for yeeeears, had to keep his numerous medicine schedules straight, and still managed to be a good cop's wife, and class mom and girl scout leader for me. Super Hero. For realz.
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    Because my Mom didn't always automatically take my side, but tried to be fair instead
    As a kid, this infuriated me. One of my friend's mom believed every word her kid said, even when she was straight up lying. As an adult, I am so thankful for this, tho.
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    Because when I was 18 I decided to explore new places
    This could also be called "ran away bc I thought I might be pregnant but was too prideful to admit to my parents that they were right about some of the questionable choices I'd made." However, living on the Florida Keys was amazing.
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    Because I was 18 when I had my daughter
    Yup, definitely pregnant
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    Because my parents completely supported me even after I had put them thru living hell, and when I called them and asked to come home, and, oh yeah, I'm pregnant, they didnt even hesitate to help get 8 month pregnant me from Georgia to New Jersey ASAP
    And didn't even say "I told you so" tho I completely deserved it.
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    Because that daughter is going to be 27 next week, and we are best friends
    We basically grew up together, in a way
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    Because I managed to juggle being a single mom, having a job, and getting myself into ASU at 22 (even tho I was a highschool dropout.)
    Go Sun Devils!
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    Because even tho I was never going to get married again I met this awesome guy while studying Anthropology in College and he totally got that I was a package deal and completely stepped up.
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    Because I Homeschool my kids and really enjoy having teens
    But overall I don't fit in with the other Homeschool Moms. 🙃🙃🙃