inspired by @solena and @marceline Part 1 - The Amazon Edition
  1. A coloring book
    Just too cute
  2. A back issue of Weird NJ Magazine
    I'm from NJ, but live in NV now. But I miss NJ and all its weirdness.
  3. A red fountain pen
    Cuz I'm fancy
  4. Crazy Aaron's Twinkling Tree Putty with Blacklight Keychain
    To keep in my purse to fidget with, and make ppl go "ooohhh" and "ahhhh" when I show them how it looks with the black light.
  5. A case for my 3DS XL
    Bc I needed one. Of course.
  6. This list makes me question my age appropriateness.
    Actually no it doesnt. 46 is a stupid age so I've decided I'm not. I don't know what I am, but, I'm not 46. So there, Time!