The Last Five Things I Bought On Amazon & Etsy, pt. 2

Part 2 - The Etsy Edition. Inspired by @solena & @marceline
  1. A Bookmark
    For a "secret santa style" bookmark exchange I'm participating in at Reddit, bc I wanted something handmade. I actually have a bunch of super cute(sy) ones I've made myself so I thought this would be an easy exchange and then I got matched with a guy. "Cute" was not under his likes, but I think I got some good ones anyhow. This is one. Exchanges are SO fun but make me nervous, and for some reason this upped the OH NO THEY'RE GONNA HATE MY GIFT factor by a jillion. (EmKriArt)
  2. Vanilla Bean Scented Deodorant & Perfume
    Too much TMI : I like natural deodorant but it has to work. I can't use baking soda bc it burns my skin, so that knocks out a majority of them. I hate ones with coconut oil as their main ingredient bc it stains your clothes, so there goes another huge group of options. Luckily I have found an awesome shop, with an awesome forumula, that smells so good I even got it in a perfume. (Puur Body)
  3. The cutest purse on the planet
  4. An adorable necklace for my daughter
  5. Lollitots
    The most delicious, grown up lollipops ever! (Leccare Lollipops)