The Phone Edition
  1. Answering phone calls
    I'd like to personally thank whomever invented Caller ID
  2. Making phone calls
    Is there an email option? Chat? Website? Can I talk my husband into doing it?
  3. Phones calls that I specifically try to make during times so I can talk to a machine and say what I have rehearsed and then a real live person answers
    Can I just hang up? OMG What if THEY have Caller ID too? Then they will know it was me! What if they called back? Ack!
  4. When I call after hours to leave a message and there is no voice mail option
    Or worse, there is an Answering Service (see previous)
  5. Phone calls in general
    Is what you want to tell me textable? Then why are you calling???
  6. Next Time - Places To Hide When The Doorbell Rings
  7. Static