1. Foam beads
    Small foam beads everywhere on everything. The carpet. The bottom of every container. In the cracks between the tile floors. The dog.
  2. Clay
    Who knew Japan had the best clay? They do. None of that cheap expensive Model Magic, no, I need to buy $5 boxes of Japanese Dollar Store Clay on eBay.
  3. Glue
    So much glue. Clear glue. White glue. Gallons - literal GALLONS - of glue. And it has to be the right brand, oh yeah, it does.
  4. Shaving cream
    Again, the *right* ones. Husband came home with shaving *gel* the other day and he may as well have tried convincing a certain teen that kittens and cobras were similar.
  5. Borax
    Who knew my diy laundry detergent ingredient would someday become the source of emotional well being for my 15 year old daughter? But for laundry??? Hahahahaha...
  6. Glitter.
    So. Much. BLEEEEPING. Glitter.
  7. (I actually love glitter.)
  8. (But glitter is expensive af. )
  9. We make slime now.
  10. That's me waving to you from under the mound of foam beads...