Inspired by @Peace_Out_List and @NumbahTwo and @bethidee and @solena and a bunch of other super creative people...
  1. Elevators
    Claustrophobic death boxes that at best make me motion sick af and at worst could potentially drop me in a free fall to my death at any moment.
  2. Escalators
    Not as horrible as elevators but they really want to eat my shoe laces
  3. Moving sidewalks
    Basically flat escalators, also hungry for shoe laces
  4. Making eye contact with kiosk workers at the Mall
    I'm a smiler by nature. But if I smile at you, you take it as an invitation. Ack!!! No, I don't want a sample. No, I don't have a minute for you to show me some item I couldn't possibly live without. No, don't spray that on me. No. I'm sorry. I made eye contact, I smiled, I know I brought this on myself....but still no
  5. Anyone on The Strip handing out flyers
  6. Drunk people on The Strip
    Well okay, not exactly "avoid." They can be never-endingly amusing to watch. However, it is good to try to predict their trajectory and avoid that.
  7. Answering the phone / making phone calls
    I notice that there is quite a bit of solidarity on this one
  8. Reality TV Shows
  9. Clowns
    aka Satan's Idea Of Funny
  10. WebMD
    It's cancer. It's always cancer.
  11. Any gummie bears that aren't green.