We discovered slime via Insta, and have been making a lot of slime. My 15yo daughter now has us having a slime shop. Oh my lord.
  1. Buttons
    Teeny tiny buttons, they were so cute. Now they are in slime.
  2. Foam beads
    Have you ever filled a bean bag chair with foam beads? Remember how they got everywhere and stuck to everything? Now they come in technicolor! And are just as static-clingy as everrrrrr.
  3. Plastic vase filler
    Why is this a trend? Those little beads hurt. I may as well put Legos in slime and walk on it. Ouch.
  4. Fake snow
    Not the easiest to find in July
  5. Instant Fake Snow
  6. Fruit slices
    Fake ones
  7. Pearls
    Real ones
  8. Pom poms
    Who thought this would be a good idea??? Oh. That'd be me. I was wrong.
  9. Tissues
    Don't ask
  10. Clay
    I am so well versed in types of clay now, I can't even.
  11. More baby powder and baby lotion than has ever been used on babies in the history of time.