Times I Made It Onto A Twitter Hashtag Game Top 10 List

oh, wouldn't my Mom be proud? No. No she wouldn't. She'll never get that Twitter handle. Ever. Making a Top 10 was sorta like List confetti, except List Confetti was a bajillion times cooler(if I used my Ipod Touch. If not, no confetti. 🎉) They look stupid now cuz i closed the account. & never once made it on @ Midnight. Whatever, Twitter.
  1. #UnappreciatedFacebookQuizzes via FridayFondue
    I thought this one was pretty good
  2. #AtBackToSchoolNightI via TheWeeHoursWar
    I didn't think this was all that funny but one of the judges must have
  3. #MyRegrettableSuperpowerIs via TheNerdyKnights
  4. I know, definitely not that great, but, Kitten Power always prevails, and Kitten Superpower? Puh-leez, lol.
  5. #ImABossAt via aslowriot
    Every game. Because I never want to steal a tweet. Let's not get into the irony here...plus, every tweet is a "is this good enough"? When will i ask myself "good enough for *who*?" and just tweet what I want? ( this mantra has now been replaced by "Is this list good enough? Should I really post this list?" Every. Time.)
  6. #OneWish5Words via 2GirlsAndATag
  7. #MySloganWouldBe via Hashtag THIS!
    This was kinda cool bc Tara Strong was a guest judge that week. I was clueless, however some of my kids were impressed.
  8. #IProclaimThis_____Week via Speedtagging
    This just makes sense. Let's change "week" to "year" while we are at it.
  9. #PresCandidatesBetterThanTrump
    This one actually showed up a few places and in a few silly lists around the web, since it trended.
  10. This was before there actually were Trump Chia's.
  11. And some that just got POINTS and/or Trended or were mentioned elsewhere
  12. Like "31 Tragically Hilarious #SignsYoureInTheUSA That Will Make You Laugh And Cry" http://tcat.tc/1ef5e69
    I am NOT ever searching for that pic again. Ever..