To List, Or Not To List...

there really is no question
  1. My oldest daughter has for years said I am one of the most extroverted introverts she knows
    She is, imho, scarily introverted
  2. But she is sorta right
  3. Social media is a blessing and curse in this
  4. Blessing because I can interact with people, and find people I really connect with
  5. Curse because I still have a hard time finding those people, and when I do, I still feel like that kid in middle school who sat at a table of friends but was still kinda alone.
    Like, I was tolerated.
  6. This is not a poor me rant, I promise.
  7. Also, some ppl on the Internet are mean
    I dont understand mean people at all
  8. I really can't stand Facebook.
  9. I deleteted my 3000+ follower Twitter account
    It was impulsive. Now I think i have like 3 followers, 2 of which are my kids. Screaming into a black abyss is a real treat.
  10. I still would like to still List, but everyone says they may be leaving. Don't leave, okay?
    See aboves middle school lunch table vs the idea of seeing other peoples Best List Friends. I need a Cave Of Solitude. >.>
  11. Is List still....List?
  12. Instagram is cool. Sorta.
    But sorta terrifying.
  13. I need not super social, social outlets.
    And just some people to talk to.
  14. This is a rambly list and I'll stop now
  15. 🙃🙃😖🙃🙃