There is a Trump Rally in my city today, and it is very close to where I live. These were the observations as we drove by the venue (3 times) bc we were dropping/picking up our oldest son from College
  1. There were a lot of people, but not nearly as many as when McCain & Palin were in the same venue.
    So...does this mean that not as many ppl actually support him than is being portrayed, or is it that those who are don't want to publicly associate themselves with it? I hope for the former, but worry it's the latter....
  2. The people selling shirts and stuff outside had a LOT of stock left over on our last pass by.
    Again, a good sign? IDK? Hopefully?
  3. 14yo: "Why does everyone look so angry?"
    She's a sweet and naive child, who rarely sees the bad in anyone. For her to notice and be upset by it, means they looked pretty dang angry
  4. As my husband noted, it looked like everyone was ready for an arguement.
  5. I live in a diverse area. However, you would not have been able to guess that from looking at the people going into the venue.
    I am sure there were some, but neither my husband nor I saw a single POC.
  6. Although there were a few younger people (I'm 45, so not young, I guess, lol) the youngest we saw were about mid to late 30s. Most of the people were roughly 60 and older.
    Maybe they are motivated by fear? Also, the way things get televised extremely skews perspectives.
  7. Also, mostly men, as my 17-almost-18 year old atypical autistic son noticed.
    This is the first time he gets to vote, as he turns 18 this month. He's somewhat horrified.
  8. The entire Library Parking Lot was full, even tho it is specifically illegal to park there to attend events at the venue next door.
    I guess laws only apply to some people?
  9. I am not sure how to end this list.
  10. It was just pretty depressing.
  11. 😕