1. When I found list it was completely by accident and after everybody else bc i have android and live under a rock
    And even when i got a new phone, it is hard to re-find! So it felt even more like serendipity
  2. This was after a Twitter detox (i was a heavy # game player & host. It can be a real cesspool there tho.)
  3. Instagram is fun but I am no photographer and how am i supposed to come up with 84 unique hashtags for every post?
    I am so doing it wrong
  4. I hate facebook.
    Does this need more explaining? Ppl are mean.
  5. While I do love Reddit I am a lurker bc Reddit is terrifying.
    Fun, yes, but terrifying. (See above, re: ppl are mean)
  6. I stumbled into List
  7. Smart people. NICE people. On the Internet? Could it be?
    (I guess there was actually some not nice-ness going on at times, but again, since i am a clueless under-rock-dweller, i pretty much missed it.
  8. I didn't know about it being celeb-centric (cuz I could NOT care less about celebs )
  9. I didn't know who BJNovac was bc I don't watch sitcoms or tv like much at all.
  10. What I did see was something that seemed like an actual community of Friend Strangers who didn't always agree but wow - smart, intellectual, eye opening, funny, talented, amazing - regular people.
  11. Being nice. On the Internet.
  12. My 27 said, "List is an anomoly. I love how much you love it. I love how it got tou writing again. I keep waiting for something to happen, bc how does it exist? The people there are just, generally...nice. And smart. It's just WEIRD."
  13. And being on 'droid I don't see the changes (unless I get on my iPod -YUCK!) But it's not like I can ignore the changes bc they *are* affecting a lot of ppl I care about.
    Who probably don't even know I care (or exist) but I do care. Not in a creepy way tho. Promise.
  14. Anyway. I don't know how to end. I could save to drafts. But I won't cuz that seems like cheating right now (and I never not save to drafts bc (like Reddit) I have a really hard time putting myself out there. But here with drafts eventually sometimes I would.
  15. ......
  16. :(