1. First and foremost, that it means it is almost October
    Which is my favorite-est month
  2. That maybe...just maaaaybe....there will be a few days that are only in the 90s.
    Still no long sleeve shirts yet tho.
  3. That there will be school supplies on sale.
    I find great appeal in a new box of crayons.
  4. That I will forget (again) that my husband's show has a dark the first week of September (really?) and so all my well thought out plans ("well thought out" - lol - such a lie) for our first week of our New Homeschool Year will be in an entire disarray (setting the theme for the entire year.)
    Meh, 26 made it to college just fine, and 17 in his Jr Year of High School just started dual enrollment at the CC, so I must be doing something right...right? Oh god please let that be right!
  5. Pumpkin Flavored Everything
    Yeeeeeesssss. I don't even care. I love it. My husband came home with Pumpkin Spice Cheerios for me the other day. Yummmmm.