1. When I joined Li.st I was really really excited.
  2. Li.st looked AMAZING
  3. I happen to still feel that way
    💖💖💖 Love it here! 💖💖💖
  4. But, it was like when I first joined Twitter
  5. And followed EVERYBODY
  6. So now...my follower to following ratio is all kinds of lopsided
  7. I was/am following over 1000 people
  8. And some of them have never listed or interacted ever (with me or anyone...)
  9. I get lurking, but I am thinking quite a few aren't even here?
  10. Plus I am not always seeing lists from ppl I want to see even tho they have updated
  11. I've been trying to go person by person
  12. This is not a very efficient course of action
  13. So... I pretty much have to unfollow everyone and then refollow people
  14. I deleted my original Twitter account when I got too many followers (stupid I know) but didn't want to do the whole starting over thing here with a brand new account.
  15. So if you are here & I have talked to you or interacted w/ you at all & you like me even a little & notice that I have unfollowed you (not that you would even really notice me or anything omg >.<) or get the sudden update that now I'm following you please don't unfollow me bc all it means is I'm an idiot & sorry & I like you I really do...
  16. So anyway
  17. Basically I'm sorry I acted like an excited toddler
  18. Feel free to ignore this rambling babbling list also.
  19. (I like you tho 💖.)