I'm a natural night owl. My husband is too. Since he works for Cirque du Soleil, and the shows are at night, this is not really a problem for us personally. Except when it is. Because our "normal" sleep schedule is something like 2am-11am. And that is much different from most of the rest of our society. And the rest of our society doesn't care. 😝
  1. They happen in the morning. Early. Yes, 10am is early. Shush. Yes, it is.
  2. If I have to get up early it means I probably have to go somewhere
  3. If I have to go somewhere, there will probably be people there. That's not always so good either.
    They might...you know...try to talk to me
  4. My one child that is a Morning Person will already be up and happy and will follow me around like a quail.
    You'd think my noncommittal grunts to her constant chatter would deter her. You'd be wrong.
  5. If I have to get up early, it means I had to set an alarm. Which in turn means I spent the entire night afraid I would sleep through said alarm, and so have been waking up over and over all night worried about oversleeping.
  6. Chances are that I finally did fall into a sound sleep for the first time about 45 minutes before the alarm went off. So now I resemble a Drunken Zombie. Chattering Quail Child does not notice or care about this either.
  7. I will have to take my shower before I poop.
    I hate when that happens.
  8. There will be happy peppy Morning People wherever it is I have to go.
    They will make me quietly, irrationally irritated at the whole world.
  9. I will forget to make coffee.
    Yup. I forgot. 😂