1. When we're getting ready to leave for a trip, B and I will verbally list some of the more crucial stuff we've packed, by way of asking if the other has remembered corresponding gear & putting each other at ease.
    "I have my contact solution and my glasses." • "I packed sunscreen and comfortable shoes." • "I've got my cell phone charger and a neck pillow."
  2. B is sort of proud of how well I hold my liquor (we met in writer school), but he's also waiting for the right moment to tell you the story about the time a "friend" of ours started making a play for him at the bar & I got so vindictively whiskey-drunk that I wound up weeping/puking into the bushes outside his first apartment in Colorado.
  3. Last week on his bday I made him a peach pie & he told me it was the most delicious & pretended not to see the store-bought crust packaging in the trash.
  4. In our last year of grad school, we team-taught two undergrad creative writing classes & put considerable effort into acting extremely indifferent toward one another in the classroom & on Valentine's Day we were walking on campus & saw that one of our students had drawn an enormous chalk heart in front of the student union with our names inside.
  5. I went on a lengthy/radical elimination diet earlier this year & B spent the next several weeks telling all of our friends how my diet helped him lose 10 pounds.
  6. We're trying to make new pals in our new city & our current favorite tactic is flirting with couples until they agree to come back to our apartment to play You Don't Know Jack trivia on our PS4.