the question is, who am I? I am how I see myself or how others see me? Is either the real me? For that matter, is the one sitting here in front of you even the same person who was here a couple years ago. If we consider the cellular replacement taking place everyday in the body and the illusion of memory, then how can I possibly provide any intro?
  1. I ate a chocolate torte
    I shared it with my partner and I do this every Friday. I did not share the chocolate bar. I love chocolate
  2. I wait for a concert
    Psychic TV. I see a pattern of adulation for experimwntal and challenging bands.
  3. I used 22 emojis today alone
    I'm improving my skills and today I focus on the skill of emoji 💪.
  4. I did not ride my bike
    But I usually do.
  5. I work
  6. I muse