1. I just don't like you.
    Stop trying to ask me to hang out. Take the message.
  2. Just because I'm married doesn't mean I have great dating advice.
    Why do people think that just because I'm in a happy relationship I should know about dating. I've tapped out of that game for good. Thank you.
  3. Just because I'm friends with you on Facebook doesn't mean I read everything you post.
    Sorry mon.
  4. Just because I love math doesn't mean I can calculate any stupid equation in seconds.
    Listen... I like math for the theories but I hate boring additiom and multiplication problems as much as the next guy.
  5. Just because I'm a computer engineer doesn't mean I can fix your computer's problems.
    I can design a new circuit board for you though... or debug some C++ code. I'm even pretty good at machine code and excel... but figure out why your iPad isn't connecting to you Apple account, I'm as good as the next person.
  6. You have the wrong number
    And I don't know your great-grandaughter Samantha, but happy birthday to her.
  7. Just because I look pretty average doesn't mean I'm like you or anyone else.