I Turned 30 And Wouldn't You Know...

  1. All my acne disappeared
    This could have to do with some new products and cutting down on dairy... or that I'm 30.
  2. I haven't been ID'd once
    Although I also haven't gone to a place that sells liquor... or an R-rated movie.
  3. I stopped caring about how I look
    I still care about my health but so what if I'm not ripped?
  4. I finally gave up on lip stick
    I never needed you anyway
  5. Every spare moment is spent in a useless stupor
  6. I still find joy in shiny blinky things
  7. I still use out of date exclamations like "cool"
  8. I have spent hours contemplating my life's accomplishments
  9. 30 is the last age I feel