1. Teachers ignore my hand being raised even though I'm the only person in the class who seems to know the answer 😒
    This happened in grade 3, marking the beginning of my suspician that I might be a ghost
  2. Cleaning staff fail to tell me they are closing the washroom for cleaning even though I'm standing in the middle of the room. They block the door with their cleaning cart making it very awkward to leave the washroom.
  3. Group of people walk into me on the pathway...
    Like I'm not even there. You'd think at least one of them would have acknowledged me.
  4. Bartender doesn't take my drink order.
    A few people show up to the bar after me, and even though I'm standing right in front of where he's mixing drinks, I get no acknowledgment and eventually decide to save my money and dance.
  5. I don't appear in a picture even though I remember the moment it was taken and exactly where I was standing.
    I honestly can't explain this... and I'm pretty sure there was no editting done to the picture.