I was a car owner but decided to give it up... Now I see so many assumptions that people who drive make, not considering that not everyone does things the same way.
  1. Doing something on a whim isn't always easy
    Without a car, last minute trips are difficult. If its out of town, don't count on me
  2. Where you live matters
    Accessibility to things like grocery stores, train stations, schools and friends is a must when you're finding a place to live
  3. Kijiji is great and all, but it's a big hassle
    Sometimes people live hours away by transit or bike. Worse, you might not even be able to carry the item you want.
  4. In fact, buying anything larger than a panier and heavier than a toddler really sucks
    You just can't carry a new chair or tv on your back.
  5. Some events are too far away (even though they're in the city)
    Beach party? Not if it's a long train ride and a big walk away.
  6. Don't expect delicate or hot food at the potluck (or a big gift at your party)
    Pies, cakes, and anything involving a crock-pot doesn't travel well
  7. Large packs are a must
    I'm always carrying my day on my back. There's no car to store spare clothes or snacks. Good coat checks or secure rooms are always nice for keeping this stuff out of the way.
  8. On the plus side...
  9. Not owning a car means a lot of money in my pocket
    Insurance, gas, repairs... and at the end of it all you can't make a dime on that old car